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I like to call it “carefree indulging,” or “guiltless gluttony.”  It’s okay to go crazy once in a while.  Just not all the time, and not in large quantities.  Regardless of what I think, I can still get carried away.  And sugar happens to be my vice, especially in the form of icing.


After the holidays, a vacation, or just a few days of some not-so-smart decisions regarding how I fuel my body, I love the idea of a Whole-Food Cleanse.  It’s the perfect way to get “back on track” and to retrain my mind to believe that, “No, my body does not require sugar to feel good or have more energy.”  I can say goodbye to the insulin roller coaster rides, and hello to steady energy levels and peace of mind, especially if I incorporate some kind of exercise.

Does anyone notice that the longer you eat clean, the worse you feel when you actually eat something that’s bad for you?  I used to be able to handle something particularly creamy, saucy, or spicy (or all three, my favorite!), but nowadays, I’d be miserable.  And in pain.  It’s almost as if we build up a tolerance for these kinds of foods and we don’t realize how they make us feel after eating them for a while.  Or maybe we do, and we just think that’s how we should feel all the time.

Eating whole foods is a necessary, yet inconvenient, part of living a healthy lifestyle.  Here are my most important guidelines that I follow….let’s say 85% of the time.

  • If it’s processed or refined, don’t eat it.  There are probably some exceptions here, but staying away from processed meats and refined sugars and flours is always a good idea.
  • Choose full-fat, raw, and organic when possible.  This helps cut out additives, hormones, and all that other nastiness everyone is so paranoid about these days.  Plus, it tastes way better.  So you can stop pretending you like skim milk.
  • Discover new, interesting foods.  Nut butters and matcha are not just for hipsters.  They’re actually really good.  Try Justin’s nut butter and then go to Starbucks and order a green tea latte (they use matcha powder), hold the Classic syrup.  Tell them Marianne sent you, and you will get a 0% discount and a really weird smile.
  • Drink a crapload of water.  This will help your body detoxify naturally, and is better than drinking an ungodly amount of vegetables in one sitting one of those green smoothies.  I like to add fresh fruit for some natural flavor and sweetness.
Also check out “What the World Eats” from TIME.com.  It’s cool to see what the typical family eats in a week by country.  It’s a very eye-opening photo essay, but I like to think of it as a competition to see who eats the healthiest.  So if you already feel bad about your diet, you can see how healthy Team China eats and feel even worse, and then feel horrible about how Team Chad spends $1.23 in one week for the same amount of food I can probably eat in a day.  Now I need to go cleanse my soul.

What are your favorite ways to cleanse?

Cupcakes from yeahbaby.com