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There are a few tools I use to muster up some motivation when I don’t feel like getting out there and giving it my all.  Usually, all the motivation I need comes from the feeling I get when I lace up my Asics, the feeling that I know I’ll get when I’m done running, and the feeling the wolves give me when they won’t stop whining to go out.

You would not believe how trained they are to know when mom is about to go running.  As soon as they hear my running shoes drop to the floor, or even the sound of laces being tied, they start going crazy!  And heaven help us if I dare say the word passegiata, which means a “walk” or “stroll” in Italian.  In fact, Biscotti happens to be whining at me as I type this post, but I overdid it on my new jump rope I just bought, so I’m making today my much-needed rest day.  My calves are going to be beasts, by the way.

Here are the motivational sites I use to get excited about running or cross-training:


Such a simple but effective idea.  Choose any pictures you want from the internet and make your own personal collage to motivate, inform or inspire.  It’s like cutting out pictures from magazines minus the time and effort.  Here is my personal Pinterest board for fitness motivation.

Fitness Websites-

Sometimes I look at fitness blogs and websites to get in the spirit of being healthy and fit.  Some good ones I would recommend are:

Self, FitSugar

Celebrity or Fashion Websites-

Who better to inspire you to get fit than someone who does it for a living?  But don’t take it too far.  Just remember, be the best and fittest YOU can be!

PopSugar, FabSugar, FitCeleb

How do you stay motivated?