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I know.  It sounds like a horrible attempt at naming the male version of that best-selling lingerie retailer.

Do you have a Schlotzsky’s in your neighborhood?  If you do, you should definitely go and order the $1.99 side salad for lunch!  Then they’ll bring you this bad boy:

That is one beautiful salad!  Spring mix, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, hot pepper and 3 slices of pesto bread for under two dollars.  Mike and I go to Schlotzsky’s a few times a month for lunch, since I’m such a cheap date there.  He’s the one feeding his hot sauce addiction in the background.

Be careful.  You will be tempted by the smell of fresh-baked Cinnabon as soon as you walk into certain Schlotzsky’s locations who have partnered with that sneaky company.  I’m sure they’re amazing, but I’d rather pay less money and feel like a million bucks after my yummy, nutritious salad.  By the way, I use their Italian-imported balsamic and olive oil for the dressing.  It’s quite good.

Thought I’d share this inexpensive and nutritious meal option with you!

Any you’d like to share?