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What a perfect day!  After leaving work early (yay!), I came home to see my husband working hard in the kitchen making homemade ravioli and stuffed artichokes!  I know, life is good.  He’s quite passionate about Italian food, which is awesome, since I love eating it.  He used semolina flour to make the pasta, with a filling made of egg, mozzarella, pecorino, parmesan, prosciutto, and fresh parsley.

I would highly recommend marrying an Italian man.

I decided to take the wolves for a run, so I strapped Scotti into his gear and took off for a short two miles.  It was quite glorious, and none of the annoying neighborhood dogs were out, so we didn’t have to give any dirty looks or smack some snout.  When we came back, Baci got to go three miles, since she’s been extra hyper lately.  I can’t take them at the same time, because it would be chaos.  Maybe when they get older.  Probably not though.

Mike and a geared-up Scotti

He uses his backpack we got him from Petsmart for his first birthday on every run.  It holds my cell phone, water, treats, poop bags, and anything else we might need for our adventures.  It’s supposed to give him a “sense of purpose” on runs, although I’m pretty sure he’s had one long before we got him the backpack.

Food is so much better after exercise, but this would have been amazing anyway!  The sauce is olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, basil and sugar.  I know, right?  Homemade sauce too?  He’s Italian and he had the day off.  Aggia capit?  That’s how they say it in Naples.

The Sauce

The Sauce. Someone needs to hurry up and invent smellovision.

Oh yeah, and there were also stuffed artichokes.  Jealous yet?  They were stuffed with egg, grapefruit juice, parmesan, bread crumbs, capers and olive oil.


So good.

What is your favorite Italian dish?  Feel free to comment below!