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I woke up at 5am this morning to take my mother-in-law to the airport, so I threw together some oatmeal with my two favorite flavors.  Even though maple and coconut have never been found together anywhere in nature, I think they are fantastic together!

Maple-Coconut Oats

I put a ton of unsweetened coconut flakes on some Old-Fashioned Quaker, then drizzled some Grade A Maple Syrup (the only way to go) on top.  It tasted fabulous with some hazelnut coffee and 2% milk.  After the airport but before work, I treated myself to yet more caffeine at Starbucks.  I used to be a big latte fan, but since my ultra-Italian husband got me started on espresso, I’ve never turned back.  It’s more flavorful, less bitter, and only about 30 calories for a doppio con panna.  That’s a double shot with whipped cream.  I usually get a doppio macchiato (double shot with foam) and add some raw sugar.  It looks like this:

Doppio Espresso Macchiato (for here)

And it tastes like this:

Just so you know, if you order it at any other coffee shop in Texas, they will make you a caramel macchiato.  And then if you clarify that you want a double shot with foam, they will make you a cappuccino.  Thankfully, your neighborhood Starbucks barista will know what you’re talking about.  They will also give you a look like they are really impressed and you must have excellent taste.  If you order it “for here,” they will give you a nice little ceramic cup so you can look dainty and sophisticated whilst drinking your espresso.  I say it’s worth a shot hahahaha  the $2.11, since it may very well change your life.  The Italians have it right: more flavor, less filling but still curbs your appetite, less caffeine and calories.  You can also make it at home, which we do sometimes with an inexpensive stove top espresso maker, but I prefer the experience of going out to get one.

Try one and let me know what you think!