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I guess Mike and I thought that caring for one ADD puppy was not enough, because in the summer of 2011, we added to the family.  Baci (pronounced like bah-chee) literally means kisses, but we had this in mind when we named her:

Baci and Biscotti!

It’s delicious dark chocolate with hazelnuts from Italy!  Which is fitting, because she’s sweet and a little nutty.

I really wanted a red and white husky named Mochi, which is my favorite food of all time, but we decided to get a German Shepherd that would actually attack intruders after Biscotti greets them and brings them toys.

Baci is about 6 months now, and she can run a few miles without getting tired.  If Biscotti is with us, she can do an extra mile on “puppy will” alone, but then she’s out for the rest of the night.  She’s very affectionate, and she loves to steal toys.  She’s just starting to get her razor-sharp weapons of destru big-girl teeth, and she’s starting to bark at random things.  I can’t wait to see how her personality develops when she grows up!

Fast friends

Baci in her favorite spot

The two are inseparable

How do you like the wolves?