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Biscotti (Bih-skote-ee) and Baci (bah-chee), Siberian Husky and German Shepherd, are my children, my running partners, and my BFFs.  They are also the most beautiful specimens of their respective breeds.  I know every pet owner must think that, but seriously, you will agree with me once you meet them.  I’ve always thought the funniest thing in the world (okay, other than people falling slowly) were talking pets.  My husband and I became obsessed with Mishka the talking Siberian Husky (here).  If you’ve not heard of Mishka, the talking Husky, I don’t know why.  I think she’s still the most viewed video on Youtube.  She’s kind of a big deal.

Shortly after Mike and I met, I don’t know if we were even married yet, we vowed that we would one day be proud Husky parents.  So Christmas of 2010 brought a brand new baby boy!

Biscotti, Christmas 2010

Biscotti means cookie in Italian, and it’s pronounced with a short O (oh).  The name was decided long before we got him.  We waited and waited for him to howl or make a wooing sound, but he never did.  Unless you count his Chewbacca wail he would sometimes do in his cage the first few nights we had him.  It was somewhere in between a howl and a gurgle (By the way, a cage is called a gabbia around here.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re pretty Italian).  We still loved him, of course.  We’re not those parents who expect everything from their children.  Since then, he’s grown up to be Mr. Personality!  Here are some of his best traits:

  • Extremely smart, but only when it gets him something
  • Will give you a husky hug (burrow into you and then the floor until he’s upside down) even if you don’t ask for one
  • Loves when a fresh, new garbage bag is first opened
  • Will bring you one of his toys while you’re eating in hopes for an exchange
  • Can fit Baci’s entire head in his mouth

So once we realized that we love him for who he is, one fateful night brought us a pleasant surprise…..

I apologize for the first few seconds, he was being rude.  See if you can catch him winking at 0:36!

When he got old enough, I started taking him on short runs outside.  After a while, he was okay doing 3 miles regularly.  I sometimes let him run free at the track with the gates closed.  I don’t think you’ve lived until you’ve seen this majestic beast running at full speed!  Seriously, I have to make a video for you.  Living in Texas, I have to be careful not to take him on hot days, and to make sure he has enough water.  On a cold day, though, I tire out before he does!  In fact, he could probably run my 10K right now.  And we never have to trim his nails, which is nice.  Here’s some more of the Scotes.

around 6 months

Scotti's first snowfall

The big boy sunbathing

He will NOT take your 'tude.

So that’s Scots McGoats.  I’ll post about the beautiful Baci next time!

How far do you walk/run with your dog?  Leave a comment below!