I had the best New Year’s of my life this year!  I’m really excited for what 2012 has to bring, and I’m pumped about how much better I’m going to feel from not eating pie every day.  This holiday season was jam packed with treats!  I baked a lot, my family gave us tons of leftovers, and our fridge was always full.  And guess what?  So was my tummy.  It was pretty delicious, but I’m glad that we finally ran out of baked goods.  I have such a sweet tooth, and my biggest temptation is having foods like that around the house.  If they’re not there in the first place, I’m (usuallly) too lazy and not desperate enough to go out and get some.

We planned a trip for New Year’s Day, so we decided to take it easy on NYE.  We used a gift certificate we got from Mike’s brother to Buffalo Wild Wings (does anyone else call it BW3’s or B-Dubs?) and then got a few drinks.  Mike ended up taking it easy, but I happened to dance the night away.  I’m still not sure if we crashed a wedding reception or if there was just a random New Year’s party at this bar, but either way, everyone was really friendly.  I got a kiss at midnight, and I was so happy to be spending New Year’s with my new husband, in a new town!  Oh yeah, and I dyed my hair.

The Texas Hotties

and the Kids

New Year’s Day, we went to Winstar Casino in Oklahoma, y’all!  It was my first time at a  casino, which I thought I hated, but actually love.  I was dressed to the nines, but unfortunately, I was literally the only person in a dress.  In the entire casino.  No joke!  And guess what?  I felt fabulous!!!

Dressed to Impress

Each area of the casino had its own city theme.  Mike insisted on only playing the machines in Rome.  Typical.  My favorite was Beijing, on account of the sparkly dragons.

Beijing area

We saw Buddy Guy, Mike’s favorite blues guitarist, and Greg Allman, who my band used to cover back in the day, so that was exciting.  He didn’t play my favorite song, Soulshine, but that’s okay.  I should’ve gone up there and sung my own rendition.  Maybe next year!  Oh, and we won big!  On the best machine in the whole casino!

$20 on the Wild Huskies machine!

I saw some people rubbing their machines for luck before each spin (that’s when you know you really have a problem), which I thought was stupid, but we found that it worked better when we said commonly used phrases that appeal to Italian huskies, such as Bocconcino! Fare una passegiata? Fuori? (Treat!  Wanna go for a walk? Outside?)  It’s probably way funnier to me than you, I know, but it paid off!

What did you do for New Year’s?